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Tablet Chairs

Office Master's OM5 Active line offers an easy to use, pinch-point free tablet arm made of strong poly material, and a book tray.

Versteel's chair lines feature multiple tablet arm and book tray options, including unique high weight capacity oversized tablets. Explore the tablet options in these lines: Companion, KompisQuanta, Quanta HD, Sate, and Simon.

Versteel's wide variety of table lines feature a huge variety of options for folding and nesting training tables. Choose from the incredibly versatile TIM, the sturdy TOD and TY, to the sleek Paces and Eliga. In addition, the incredibly versatile Wavelink table allows you to easily reconfigure a room for any use.

Study Carrels

Whether you're looking for privacy in a classroom, computer lab, or library, Versteel's Study Carrels are the way to go. Available on these table lines: Brattice, Performance, UNO², or Vela.

Tiered Classroom Furniture

With Versteel’s Tier tables, virtually any room can be custom shaped into a tiered classroom or lecture hall with all the necessary angles, curves, short runs, long runs and alternating heights you need for perfect functionality.

Versatile Stacking Tables

Versteel's ODIS table is the stackable, storable, incredibly versatile individual worktable that turns an empty room into a working room in a snap. Elegantly designed and tough enough to withstand years of hard use, ODIS is available in both adult and youth sizes and light enough that users can easily stack them.


Whatever you have to say, you can be sure it will sound even better when you’re standing behind Versteel's Entourage Lectern. Designed to stand on their own or work hand-in-hand with other Entourage products, Entourage Lecterns are perfect complements to the elegance and design of Versteel conference tables.

Utility Carts

Versteel's Entourage rolling carts are one of the most useful and versatile training and education room furnishings you can have. As beautiful as they are durable, Entourage Carts can be ordered with or without doors and in serving and utility sizes.