Designing Workspaces with Clarity

Join us for a Workshop & Luncheon

The Ease of Specifying Architectural Walls and Identifying Opportunities

Wednesday, July 25th

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  • What are modular demountable walls?
  •  The benefits of shared lighting for privacy
  • Open floor plan vs private space
  • Factoring the age groups of skilled labor 
  •  How modular walls will be the future
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Ergonomic Seating - Train the Trainer 

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James Golden
Contour Design, CAE

James will be discussing research and development that went into creating their latest ergonomic innovation, the UniMouse and help fully understand the benefits that Contour products can provide to users.

Kathy Burwell
Occupational Therapist, MSOTR/L

Ms. Burwell will be leading a discussion on anatomical reasons we put bodies in certain positions, Back to Basics, and a Train the Trainer Module.