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SPEAKER: Jay Verjee

ISE Group

TOPIC: ISE Sit-Stand and Ergonomic Product Update and Training 

Topics Covered

  • Return on Investment (ROI) with sit-stand
  • Sit-stand trends in the industry
  • ISE Product Overview + Product specification
  • RISE LIFE Introduction
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RISE LIFE Introduction

Now with "Smart" table technology you can monitor seating habits with the easy to use RISE LIFE smart phone app. The benefits of a sit - stand working environment range from efficiency gains to health benefits. So by being able to track the hours spent sitting and standing respectively, you can optimize the way you work for full ergonomic benefits. With the RISE LIFE app you can now track and incentivize sit - stand culture in your workplace. 


SPEAKER: Joy K. Boese

President - E3 Consulting

TOPIC: A Sneak Peak into the Future of Bio Sensor Technology for Ergonomics & Sit Stand

Does integrating bio-sensors into the workplace sound a little futuristic? It is not as far fetched as one would think. In this session, you will learn how bio-sensor technology was integrated into a five week Sit to Stand Study that was performed by Fujitsu Labs of America, Sony Pictures Entertainment and E3 Consulting.  We will discuss how bio-sensors and other biomarkers were integrated into the study. We will share how meaningful unbiased data was collected, analyzed and tailored to serve both the individual and the organization. 

In this session you will have the opportunity to:

•    Learn how and why we gathered the information.
•    Share in what we learned
•    Discover the possibilities with current technology.
•    See how partnering can result in wins for all parties.
•    Find out what technology is around the corner and how it will change our industry.

You will leave this session with exciting ideas on how to integrate cutting edge technologies into new Workspace Design Projects.


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