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John Fitzsimmons

Ergonomist, Physical Therapist
Ergonomics First

Topic: Risky Dilemma: To Sit or Stand?

Just telling people to stand at work ignores the known health risks from standing. Research explains exactly how some postures increase health risk, particularly for diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  We look at seated posture more closely to solve the dilemma.
A workshop follows the presentation to demonstrate ActivSeating as the balance between reclined sitting and standing.  Participants will feel postural muscles engage, and integrate body and work.

John Fitzsimmons received a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1984. He has run large-scale ergonomics programs for Kaiser Hopsitals and Clinics, and did outpatient Physical Therapy and ergonomics consulting in their Occupational Health Clinic. He has maintained an independent Ergonomics and Physical Therapy consulting practice since 1998. Current clients include Wells Fargo Bank and the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations. His current research on sitting biomechanics includes a patented tool to measure leg strength for the strongest chair postures.

Susan Tingley

Ergonomist, Physical Therapist
One Ergo Net

Topic: Ergonomics to Optimize Productivity and Well-being in the Face of Change

Our workers are changing, equipment and technology is changing, and work environments are changing. How do these changes impact productivity and well-being?  Discussions and hands on activities will focus on practical problem solving strategies for optimizing productivity and employee well-being in light these changes.

Susan Tingley, MS, PT, CIE is a physical therapist and certified industrial ergonomist.  Ms. Tingley’s approach to ergonomics is to cultivate practical solutions to maximize productivity, reduce risk, and minimize costs to employers, public entities, insurance professionals and individuals.  She is the founder of OneErgoNet, a network of highly experienced ergonomics consultants.   The goal of OneErgoNet’s is to provide expedient, professional and courteous services of the highest quality.


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