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TOPIC: Office Worksurface Global Design Trends - a Vision of the Future & A Look a the Past

Speaker: Lisa Mejias

A&D Specialist, Formica Group

* Presentation of Upcoming Trends
Discover upcoming Trends as observed by our Global Design Team and how these trends will influence product development and color choices. 
* Introduction of Formica SurfaceSet 2016 
The best of the outside comes to Interior Surfaces with our inspiring Laminates Collection SurfaceSet 2016 by Formica Corporation 
* New Laminate finishes/textures and how best to specify them in various Applications 

Topics within the Presentation will include 
* How Laminate was Invented and an Industry was born. 
* How Laminate is Made, Formica Products/Technology that are about to Launch 
* Where Laminate can be used/specified and how to correctly Specify finishes for various Applications. i.e Furniture, Wall Panels, Casework.

Cal Ergonomics Staff

Cal Ergonomics staff will speak on Versteel's new collections and how Formica fits in.

Workshop and Luncheon are complimentary