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Inspiration Spaces:
Me Becomes We

A Cal Ergonomics Workshop & Luncheon
November 16th   10am - 12pm

Join us on November 16th to discuss the emergence of an exciting new space in the office environment - the "Inspiration Space". Our speakers will be examining the ergonomic and psycho-social considerations of product design and their impact on worker well-being and productivity gains.


"Unchanging Principles in Changing Spaces"

Speaker: Kathy Burwell

Occupational Therapist

I. Trends
II. Design Challenge
How to create to appeal to different styles
III. Ergonomic Implications

Speaker Bio:

With more than 23 years experience as an Occupational Therapist in medical and industrial rehabilitation, Kathy Burwell provides a full range of ergonomic services with prevention in mind. Employee comfort and safety sustains productivity, bringing peace of mind for employers.


"Designing The Inspiration Space"

Speaker: Nicole Blanco

Client Experience Specialist for Trendway

  • Why co-working spaces are popular
  • How workers choose a 3rd space
  • Why workers choose the space they choose
  • Different ways to foster 3rd spaces in the office
  • Effects on their bodies, minds, and psyches

Speaker Bio:

Nicole Blanco is a Client Experience Specialist focused on user experience at Trendway. She has experience in high-end residential, mixed use, and commercial design and has worked in various regions of the country. She looks at space through a different lens and we will dig beyond buzzwords to explore why 3rd spaces or informal collaborative spaces are gaining popularity and consider the topic from different points of view.


"The Werksy™ Collection:
and other Short Stories"

Speaker: Eric MacDonald

Product Design and Development Manager at OM Seating

  • Product life inside co-working spaces
  • How the iterative design process never stops asking questions
  • Creative solutions for the collaborative space

Speaker Bio:

Eric MacDonald is the Product Design and Development Manager at OM Seating in Ontario, CA. His goal is to strive for thoughtful functionality, originality, and style with all new product introductions, as well as constant product improvements. Problem solving through good design is what keeps OM Seating a leader in innovation and creativity.


This workshop & luncheon is a complimentary presentation of Cal Ergonomics.

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