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Interstuhl's VINTAGEis5:
An Ergonomic Analysis & Case Study


Kim Gallego MPT, ATC, CAE

Alicia H. Beth MPT, CEAS

Dynamic Seating Case Study & Evaluation

Dynamic vs Static Seating (Overview of existing research)
Micro movements
The Interstuhl VINTAGEis5 (Specs and Features)
Case Study Results
Opportunities for Study Expansion

About Kim:
Kim Gallego MPT, ATC, CAE has been a practicing PT since 1996, a certified athletic trainer since 1990 and worked in ergonomics since 1999. Her love of treating patients has naturally evolved into the prevention of injuries through assessment, education and the use of ergonomics equipment to decrease her client's risk for injury.

Her experience in Ergonomics includes industrial, laboratory, manufacturing and office at companies throughout Silicon Valley, in industries ranging from all aspects of the Health care field and Labs to High Tech and Aerospace. She empowers people to take charge of their own health and well-being, and live injury free.  

Kim has worked with VocSolutions for the last 7 years. she and Alicia Beth are also the co-founders of VocDesigns & Innovation. They design and enhance products and tools which decrease the end user's risk for injury, improve the tool to human bio-mechanical interface, and enhance end user experience.

About Alicia:
Alicia H. Beth is a practicing Physical Therapist for 22 years specializing in movement disorders. Her passion is to help people be as independent and pain free as possible.  She transitioned 8 years ago from solely working privately with patients with movement disorders to adding ergonomics at Stanford Hospital to her repertoire of skills. What initially appeared to be a shift in career focus, turned into the marrying her movement analysis skills with teaching the employees how to change their work patterns to reduce their risks. While at Stanford Hospital, she has worked with manufacturers to improve product design to meet the needs of the end users in a variety of unique work settings.

She and her colleague, Kim Gallego, are branching out together to work more directly with manufacturers on product design and review, such that the end user experience may be thoroughly assessed at the onset of the design process.  The white paper study on the Vintageis5 chair is an example of the analysis process they utilize.


An Introduction to Interstuhl
(A Factory and Product Presentation)

Speaker: Ryan Featherston

US National Sales Manager for Interstuhl

Interstuhl is a 3rd generation family owned company located in the Swabian Alps of Southern Germany. Besides being the largest task seating manufacturer in Europe, they also employ 65 engineers on staff that develop all of their proprietary ergonomic technologies. Every chair is made with the highest quality and has been doing so for over 50 years. Interstuhl has won numerous design and innovation awards and is accredited by the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for ergonomic excellence.

About Ryan:
Ryan Featherston has been in the furniture industry representing major US manufacturers on the West and East Coasts since 2012. His business focus has always centered around people - hence his passion to promote healthy and ergonomic seating. It was therefore an easy decision to join the Interstuhl family and lead the charge to introduce Europe's leading ergonomic seating manufacturer to the US market. Interstuhl North America now has strong national distribution, and thanks to European roots, is also able to surpass the competition by servicing customers efficiently on a global level.


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