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Teck-Neck ERgonomic Workshop

A Cal Ergonomics Workshop & Luncheon
February 22nd  10am - 12pm

Join us on February 22nd to discuss the usage of technology and how it effects our physical well-being.


"The Eyes Lead the Way"

Speaker: Paul Bommarito

Optometrist and Ergonomic Specialist

-EZ Smartphone Holder
-Tips and techniques for holding your smartphone - Neck Flexion
-Stress free angles on the Neck
-Musculoskeletal movement Related to Vision

Speaker Bio: 

Dr. Paul Bommarito began his career as an optometrist in 1952. Starting his own practice in 1954 he oversaw several computer eye safety programs for Lawrence Livermore labs (1962) and NASA Lasers (1985). While being a consultant for the American Optical Company he conducted computer vision exams for Hewitt-Packard. He also founded two ergonomic related companies, Segview which focused on sit-stand tables and Ergoview which produces home and office ergonomic products.


"Postural Reflex - Victim or Victor?"

Speaker: Kathy Burwell

Occupational Therapist

-Postural Reflexes
-Culture of Innovation in Ergonomics
-Culture Of Behavior in the Office
-Neck Flexion Demonstration


Speaker Bio:

With more than 23 years experience as an Occupational Therapist in medical and industrial rehabilitation, Kathy Burwell provides a full range of ergonomic services with prevention in mind. Employee comfort and safety sustains productivity, bringing peace of mind for employers.


"Keep Your Chin Up, Gravity Sucks!"

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Jenkins

Chiropractic Specialist

-Design behind the Easy Readers

-Gravity is not your friend - Neck Flexion

- Benefits of Neutral Limbs

This workshop & luncheon is a complimentary presentation of Cal Ergonomics.

RSVP below. We look forward to learning with you!