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12:00-12:30: Lunch and announcements

12:30-1:00: Deidre Rogers

Topic: Biofeedback for Injured Workers

Deidre Rogers, RN, MS, CIE, is a certified expert in Ergonomics with a Master of Science degree in Ergonomics/Human Factors. Deidre established Ergovera in 1996 as a consulting firm providing ergonomic expertise to government Institutions and private companies. Deidre has conducted over 2,000 office ergonomic evaluations, in-depth analysis of libraries, dispatching departments, utility and road crews, and laboratories. She specializes in ergonomic and back safety interactive classes and has produced educational films and videos. She is the filmmaker of Ergovera’s Office Ergonomics HD Film and the Goldtouch Keyboard video (2007). She is a long-term member of Bay Area Ergonomic Roundtable (BAER) and was on the Steering Committee in the early days of BAER.

Deidre has personally benefited from Muscle Learning Therapy (MLT) biofeedback and has achieved a certificate in Biofeedback from the Stens Corporation Biofeedback Certificate Program. Biofeedback is one of her passions as are Ayurveda and alternative medicine, nutrition, and dance. 

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1:00-1:30: Chris Zdenek

Topic: Cricket Portable Biofeedback Technology

Carl “Christopher" Zdenek has over 25 years of experience in the field of ergonomics.  An Architect by training and practice from 1980 to 1992, and a rep for Congleton Chair works/ pre BodyBilt/Neutral Posture back in 1988, Chris went on to create industry leading ergonomic chair designs as one of the founders of Soma Ergonomics.  He has studied biomechanics and anatomy specifically related to ergonomics and issues related to development and prevention of Repetitive Strain injuries in the upper extremities as well as lower back pain since 1988 including working with the Repetitive Strain Institute and their innovative biofeedback based RSI prevention training and the a variety of other medical experts in the field.

The role of new sensor technology to a more professional and scientifically objective validated ergonomics.  Chris will be doing live demonstrations using and presenting the new CRICKET portable biofeedback sensors that can accurately show, record and create reports of muscle tension levels, and posture and movement data that allow for more complete and accurate assessment, training and pre and post ergonomic intervention analysis.  The Cricket wireless sensor also helps with the critically important behavioral change aspect of ergonomics that often is not affected by ergonomic product or evaluation interventions, thereby allowing ergonomists to provide more complete and effective ergonomic services.

1:30-2:00: Vendor guest Susan Hannah from Arranged4Comfort