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September Meeting

Presentations, complimentary luncheon, roundtable discussion, and raffles galore!


Vivienne Fleischer

Owner, Performance Based Ergonomics - www.pbergo.com

Topic: How to Successfully Build & Scale Your Ergonomics Program

Vivienne Fleischer, President and Co-Founder is passionate about wellness! A concert pianist turned ergonomist (but she does still play) she’s on this crazy mission to “save the hands of the world” while helping people to stave off injuries, take charge of their health and feel their best!

Vendor Guest: Dirk Uphoff

Division Manager, Safco Products Company

Safco Active by Focal Upright has a unique line of adjustable upright leaning seats and seats for active sitting. They also offer both standing height workstations and standing height dry erase conference tables for multiple applications in the workplace.




Lunch, Networking, and Announcements


Vivienne Fleischer


Vendor Guest: Dirk Uphoff