The Synthesis of Lightness

The AirPad from Interstuhl combines two key innovations. The transparent membrane is the evolution of the mesh back in both design and durability, and the Body-Float adjustment mechanism creates a truly unique sitting experience.


Mesh Back Membrane

The AirPad's unique see-through membrane re-imagines the mesh back chair in a minimalist style. While it looks light and airy, it is actually extraordinarily durable. Based on material developed by the German cheese-making industry, it holds up to pressure and sharp objects without marring, ripping, or fraying.

Demonstration video of the almost indestructible AirPad membrane


Body-Float Adjustment Mechanism

AirPad's "Body-Float" mechanism presents an unparalleled sitting experience. Taking a seat in an AirPad means floating back into an automatically adjusted, ideally balanced sitting position. When leaning back, the body glides backwards and downwards in a gentle, flowing movement.

The front cantilever seat edge makes it easy to find a comfortable setting of the seat angle, and the innovative suspension on the rear seating area means the seat height no longer has to be manually adjusted, just like the height of the lumbar support when the seat angle is adjusted.


Recycled Content

Recycling begins with AirPad well before production: as much as possible, materials are used that have a high recycled content. The base of a new AirPad is made out of the aluminium of another disassembled chain, and can be processed to form the base of the next chair. Its recycling rate is 98.5%.

 Judy Dench as M in Skyfall, with the AirPad at her desk

Judy Dench as M in Skyfall, with the AirPad at her desk

AirPad in the movies

Due to their bold style, Interstuhl chairs have been featured in most of the recent James Bond movies. In particular, the AirPad appeared in Skyfall, as the desk chair used by Judy Dench, playing the director of the M16 spy agency. Look for other Interstuhl chairs in Spectre and Quantum of Solace.


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