Interstuhl's UPis1 is a simple, stylish multifunction stool. Grab one and go, for any use - as a unique and functional side chair, for on the spot meetings, or even fun family seating. 


UPis1's light weight and rounded base allows for easy movement - just grab the lip under the seat, or the red strap (which is also the height adjustment!) and scoot it wherever it's needed. The rounded base also allows for a stable yet active sitting experience. Never feel static again while sitting - lean in, lean back, rock around as much as you want.

The UPis1 is also stylish, with attractive minimalist design and five bold color choices. Pick one that matches your space, or mix it up for a fun environment.


Make a meeting happen anywhere - just grab an UPis1 and go. Whether it's next to your desk, in the hallway, overflow in the conference room, or in the middle of nowhere, UPis1 fosters collaboration and creativity.

UPis1 Office


It's not all work and no play with the UPis1 - it can fit in anywhere in your lifestyle and home. With its modern and understated design, it can go any room in the house. Just be creative!

UPis1 Home


UPis1 video - KEEP MOVING!


UPis1 Gallery