Upgraded Seat Depth Adjustment on All Lines

All Office Master chairs with the 2.5 inch range seat depth adjustment have now been upgraded to a 3.1 inch range. No need to order a custom product - it's standard effective immediately on all lines with OM's unique seat slider.

Fabric Card for Affirm and OM5 mesh backs

Now available - fabric sample cards for the OM5 Zodiac Mesh and the Affirm Neighborhood Collection Mesh Jacket. Includes the new "Libra" orange option for the OM5!

New Option: Monster Spider Base

Now available - OM's biggest, most heavy-duty stool base ever: The Monster Spider base. This 29" diameter base can even handle the high weight capacity Maxwell chairs in a stool configuration. Available with glides only.

New Model: WS16


Coming soon - this new option in the WS Workstool line has been developed specifically with medical charting tasks in mind. A wider seatman, greater stability, and handle for easy moving make it the ideal seat for patient-doctor interaction.

New Model: PTYM-XT

The PTYM is an ideal chair for someone with long legs, but what about a long torso? The PTYM-XT is for them. It combines the seat size and height of the PTYM with the extra-tall back height of the PT79. Available now.