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Everybody knows – and studies show – that people who work under natural daylight are more productive and even happier.  We believe that how light makes you feel, helps you see, and empowers you to perform is just as important, if not more, than the lamp’s design.  

Our new, proprietary OttLite WorkWell LED™ brings you illumination like no other. Closer to the spectral output of the sun than any other light available. That means balanced, low glare, high contrast illumination with no harsh blue spikes or big dips where you lose color fidelity or visual responsiveness.


The Amplify

Mid-century modern meets next generation LED technology with the Amplify Desk Lamp. Create a productive and comfortable space with healthy lighting engineered to reduce eyestrain by up to 51%. Everyone has different lighting needs, so adjust the lamp to find the right light angle and change the brightness setting with the touch of a finger. And, charge up devices to keep the productivity flowing.

The Reach

Complete control over the workspace with multiple brightness settings and choice of a base, grommet or clamp. Charge devices with the USB port (base and grommet only) and easily change the height, angle and position of this versatile lamp with the touch of a hand.

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The Slide

An easy way to bring well-being into the workplace, the Slide Desk Lamp features OttLite WorkWell LEDs – an exclusive technology that dramatically reduces eyestrain and glare. Balance out harsh workplace lighting and computer screens. Adjust light levels with the touch of a finger on the sliding dimmer and quickly charge devices using the powerful USB port. This stylish and adjustable lamp gives users complete control.

The Stretch

Whether working on the big picture or the tactical plan, the Stretch Desk Lamp can adjust to bring things into focus. This lamp features three points of articulation and the shade twists for easy light placement. As lighting conditions change throughout the day, easily adjust brightness on the sliding dimmer to enjoy natural daylight all day long.

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The Twist

Energize any space – big or small – with the Twist Desk Lamp. Clear, smooth OttLite WorkWell LEDs offer lighting as close to natural daylight as possible. That means reduced eyestrain – by up to 51% – and a more comfortable, focused environment. Balance out harsh computer screens and adjust brightness levels using the sliding dimmer.

The Uplift

Studies show people who work under natural daylight are more productive, healthier and even happier. The OttLite WorkWell LED comes closer to sunlight’s spectral distribution than any other light source available. And, the Uplift’s minimalist design includes a rounded diffuser to maximize light distribution and precise joints to direct light where it’s needed most. 

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