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Office Master makes high quality chairs with a focus on ergonomic design, custom configurations, and customer service.

JRB Studio has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of height-adjustable tables for over 60 years. their knowledge and experience have allowed them to provide a wide array of workplace product solutions.

From family-owned operation to global company, Innovative stands as a leader in designing and manufacturing ergonomic, space-saving monitor arms and mounts for flat panel monitors, notebooks, and tablets.


Trendway creates thoughtful workspaces with its high quality glass walls, desks, storage, and seating. They are also the proud sponsors of Feek, a next-generation approach helping to redefine to the very concept of collaborative spaces.

Eko and its designers create modern furnishings for workplace collaboration, healthcare and lounge seating. Their Kardia line of healthcare transport chairs and sleeper sofas are especially well received.

Versteel designs and manufactures all its product in house, specializing in custom flip-up training tables, desks and chairs for office, education and healthcare.


Interstuhl designs and manufacturers some of the most unique chairs in the world, but never sacrifices ergonomics for aesthetics in the process.

Volanti designs cutting-edge commercial touch screen monitors, including Video Walls, Touch Screen Tables, Mobile Monitors, and Designer Displays.

The innovative Back App ergonomic saddle-seat stool strengthens users' core muscles while they work, due to the dampened footrest and balancing ball tilt.